Thoughts on authenticity

I am pretty sure this subject - yet again - either fascinates or for some reason scares people. I have had bits and pieces on the subject written in my journals (yes, more than one simultaneously in case I would loose one, hahaha) and on various sticky notes around my computer for years. As I... Continue Reading →

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Life before and after cancer diagnoses

I think the person I was before I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma and BRAF positive gene mutation on one side of my thyroid AND medullary carcinoma with RET mutation on the other side that metastasized to lymph nodes - hence stage III because of the giant size of my tumor - a rare combination... Continue Reading →

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Pound cake with pecan nuts

Easy pound cake I found a ketogenic recipe for this lovely treat yesterday morning, and it was a must to try it out. As we know, basic ketogenic dishes incorporate animal products so I always try to replace those ingredients with vegan ones, but first it’s good to follow the original recipe to see the... Continue Reading →

Vegan colorful lunch

When it comes to cooking or preparing a raw dish I always aim at eating the rainbow. The more colors on my plate the more nutrients in my belly as it were. It’s always a joyous moment to serve a plate full of teasing and visibly pleasing items that are packed with all the goodness... Continue Reading →

Raw broccoli turmeric soup

Raw soup day to fight off seasonal flu and alike viruses. The key is to have a balance of 20-80% between cooked and raw food to maintain health. Not just for cancer patients, everyone. My not so secret recipe: The liquid has a hot miso base with Umami seasoning and dulse flakes. Put the raw... Continue Reading →

New beginnings

The Ninth Mindfulness Training: Truthful and Loving Speech Aware that words can create happiness or suffering, we are committed to learning to speak truthfully, lovingly and constructively. We will use only words that inspire joy, confidence and hope as well as promote reconciliation and peace in ourselves and among other people. We will speak and listen... Continue Reading →

Health update August, 2022

Hello everyone and first of all thank you for reading my blog again if you are a follower, and a warm welcome to all new readers. It’s an honor to provide information on holistic and integrative solutions to return to health. As many of you know by now I help everyone who gets in touch... Continue Reading →

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