Quantum healing experience

I think this subject might interest many people in general, not necessarily only cancer patients. Based on my first and so far only experience I can only say: I wish I attended the healing session years ago. I truly recommend it.

Astrologically this year (2022) is said to be totally different energetically from the past 7-10 years. Lighter, faster, more positive. People who rely on their intuition can unfold new beginnings in their lives, and those who do not resonate with these kinds of truths, they will experience a kind of strange awakening simply by being somewhat shocked by events that will occur on the Planet. We shall see. I am really hopeful, because these past 7-10 years were truly difficult for me (just as predicted) and I really could do with a little break 🙂 and so could our Planet. One of my favorite channelers is Lee Harris, https://youtu.be/41Wf3HJz8bw . Lee Harris is talking about this so clearly, and I enjoy listening to astrologer Pam Gregory as well: https://youtu.be/fkNrj1w_baw just to mention a few interesting listens.

So how did last year end? Shadowed by Omicron of course but two weeks of calm around the end of the year really lifted my spirits. There was space for something else than just work, and that in itself felt like a gift from Heaven. It is necessary to experience such breaks from everyday stress filled life. Somehow we make decisions easily after or during such breaks, and honestly I can feel that our true self is more involved in these decisions. Not just the stressed out, pressed for time, ever to perform super quick business self.

In the meantime I am working on myself a lot with Agnes, an energy life-guide these days on a weekly basis. Can I say energy cleansing, alignment, chakra cleanse – and things that I can’t really put into words. ( https://www.thesecretsoflooking.com/ ) This is important to mention, because we are currently scanning what is going on in me energy wise = concerning my energy system. A few years back we started some sessions, but it was not my time just yet. Patience and many evolving skill led me here, for that I am grateful.

During those few calm weeks around Xmas I was able to meet a dear friend of mine after some Covid years for some Xmas tea in a really cosy café beside the sea. It was already getting dark when we met (3.PM) but the cafe was decorated for the season so lovely with warm lights and Xmas decor, that the darkness faded away quickly. We spoke for hours, during which she told me about a powerful experience in Porvoo (an hour drive from Helsinki) some time ago. I was so happy about this new possibility, I decided to write to Carola ( https://quantia.fi/kymppikvantti/) once I got home. Once I did, things begun to unfold rather quickly and for that I am so grateful.

Wikipedia says:

Quantum healing is a pseudo-scientific mixture of ideas which purportedly draws from quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. Advocates of quantum healing assert that quantum phenomena govern health and wellbeing. There are a number of different versions, which allude to various quantum ideas including wave particle duality and virtual particles, and more generally to “energy” and to vibrations.[1] Quantum healing is a form of alternative medicine.

Quantum healing is the new obsession. I went for 1 session a week ago (10 days), and it was simply amazing. It turned out, rather negative energies were stuck on my right side at the hip area, creating blockages. We lifted that out (sorry if I use an incorrect terminology here) My neck was visibly troubled on the right side where the lymph node is acting up sometimes ( Carola said the color was Orangelike ) we worked on that ( and strangely as she mentioned the color and neck, I felt as if someone would have moved a screwdriver in my neck while the energies were working) and then she found some issues with my mother that came as a surprise to me, but perhaps I pushed down = suppressed mother issues because she was ill for a long time at the end of her life. I did not say too much at all, she just felt things and worked on the energy fields to cleanse blocked energies. The biggest thing was when she said: oh my! Your abdomen area’s energy field is absolutely stuck, what are you keeping in your belly so hard? Then I told her, perhaps my unborn babies? Infertility, all the treatments, and everything around those years that were nearly killing me. Then she stepped further away and let the energies work for a longer time. She said this blocked energy affects my digestive system as well. After about 5-10 minutes laying there quietly just breathing away and praying this would really work, my belly started to give out funny noises, which I do not have otherwise. Before I left she scanned my chakras and said that now it looks better, much better.

I wrote to Agnes from my car, that OK, now you can check how I look/work. The next day we had a session.
Agnes said that the difference between before Quantum healing and after is incredible, the lady opened my third chakra so that intuitive and creative energy flows freely upwards now behind my back, as it should and the whole body seems cleaner now energetically. This was surprising because I did not speak to Agnes even a word of what findings we had at Carola’s, so the belly thing was really scary! Nevertheless fantastic!

Since then I sense a kind of general ease in my body, my breathing is easier and as if my shoulders were more relaxed, as if something really old had left me, not draining my energy anymore. I feel more positive and lighter too around the heart area. I sleep like a baby too 🙂 My neck is still without pain, sometimes I feel a sharp pain on the right side though, as if it wanted to remind me to stay on track, stay centered, stay focused and most of all to trust my gut. I think I will go back to Carola in a couple of months, just to be on the safe side. She said these negative energies can come back if we “invite” them, meaning, if we resonate on a lower frequency. So I try to maintain a high frequency now, no idea how to do that with the job I have, but that is why I work on myself daily with the help of my childhood friend, Agnes, who provided me with helpful exercises and rather much to read as well.

All in all I just feel gratitude this year, something magical has started and I hope I can inspire many people with this little blog post. I am always open to discussion and happy to help anyone with everything I have learnt so far.

Love and light and most of all, health to all!

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