My journey to health

Where to begin? Part 1.

Perhaps I must clarify my standing point on most diseases that adults encounter. Children are a totally different story, when it comes to cancer as well. One must apply a different approach for healing children. Whereas adults carry childhood and adult life traumas etc. they have to work on, children are a really delicate matter. Some holistic healers teach that children get sick because of their parents’ unclear traumas. I have no position on this one, although there are some holistic ways I do understand and might even follow, this subject is way too emotional and complicated for me.

I firmly believe that since we humans are psycho & physical beings guided by our minds and hearts (well, in most lucky cases), I believe that every illness should be considered a blessing. A time and space for us to grow, it surfaces to stop us from carrying on whatever it is we are not doing in favor of our own selves. This might sound a bit too far-fetched, but my back round is in Buddhism, Kabbalah, Feng Shue, I am very interested in naturopathy, ayurveda, Chinese medicine and aromatherapy to mention a few. By now I am somewhat familiar with how we humans were designed to work on a physiological and psychological level.

Having to deal with various health issues over the years I started reseaching the human mind, the digestive system and the connection between them at an early age.

It all started around age 9 with severe migraines I have suffered from nearly every time I was sitting in the back seat of our car. I remember how sick I was sometimes. There was no reason found for my migraine attacks by my physicians so I started an elimination diet. Soon enough we found out that I have some problems with protein digestive enzymes, so I became a vegetarian around age 17. When I told my mother I shall not eat meat or animal products per say, she told me to prepare my food from then on. This was a blessing all together, and helped me to develop beautiful and tasty recipes, digestable vegan food.

After my cancer diagnosis I became very strict about food, drinks, etc. and started to study different methods that are believed to promote health. I found that the ketogenic diet for me is a no-no, even plant based. Too much protein, I was suffering with severe migraines when I was put on plant based ketogenic diet. I do understand it, and have learned a lot from it, but can not follow it strictly, so I have created a diet for myself that combines the tastiest recipes from keto and the best raw alternatives that include enough carbs, so my digestion works just perfect.

 To be continued…..

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