Apple pumpkin pie with a little twist

Now there is a desert I am rather proud of, not the looks perhaps 😋 but the taste and the concept. Gluten free, sugar and lactose free, fat, salt free – yes I know, many people ask: so what’s in it and how can it be delish?
Here is the thing, with a little effort it can be. I just mixed apples 🍎 1 banana 🍌 some raisins and a few plums with pumpkin 🎃 puree, cinnamon, gingerbread spice and some cloves, approx 12 mixed nuts chopped and a nice splash of dark rum 😃 Baked it for about an hour in 180 degrees in a fan oven. Wow, such flavorful dish! I truly recommend this one 🤗 Have a flavorful holiday!!
Oh and why am I creating these? Because nobody else does over here and even if one lives with a serious illness life must include tasty festive food I believe. Food is medicine in the end!

My Christmas pudding.

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