3 weeks @ The LifeCo’s Cancer Prevention Program in Thailand, Phuket, July 2018 / PART 1.

This picture was taken of me and my nurses the morning I left The LifeCo, Phuket – they took care of me for three weeks from morning till the evening, sometimes also at night, when I was in horrible pain. I was in the clinic every day from 8 AM till 5-7 sometimes 8 PM getting IV’s, and other non harmful natural treatments. I miss them a lot ever since I departed and promissed them I will be back some day, hoping to go back to relax or detox or if needed to have another round of vitamin C, ALA, curcumin and other kinds of IV’s. My 3 weeks there were really educational and opened my eyes a lot. Here is why.


Let’s roll back the clock to May 2017 when I was diagnosed with cancers. As much as it was a shock, I knew I could only take natural treatments, so I begun to send out enquires to various holistic clinics in Europe, the USA, Mexico, etc. Unfortunately our funds were limited so first I needed to study what does a certain type of treatment actually do in my body. Can I do it alone or is it necessary to go to a clinic for that. Do I have the opportunity to access it somehow in Finland, or not. Needless to say carcinoma was unknown to me and anywhere I turned I read how thyroid cancer is a good cancer – I still don’t understand this false message. But more about this later.

I found a few Budwig Clinics in Europe that were offering 2 week treatments from Monday till Friday to begin with. They sounded OK, but I wanted (needed) something that was more intensive. All I had was my summer holiday, essentially 4 weeks in July. Other months we work 24/7 and with our responsibilities it is honestly impossible to step aside for a month or so.

The Gerson Clinic in Hungary was definitely a choice since I speak the language and it would have beed super easy to travel and to stay there, but I was not convinced the 2 weeks they offered would have been enough for me. They are not expensive either, which makes them a good choice for the future too. Nevertheless they need an AVEC to stay with the patient who then learns how to care for the patient, does the juicing, cooking, etc. in the future after the treatment weeks are over. I did not have this option, my husband could have not accompany me (neither can he to this day) for 2 weeks, nor can he prepare juices, food, etc. for me on the long run on a daily basis, so I needed to find a place where I learn a lot and equip myself for the future, so I can take care of me. We are not in the position to hire a maid to cook and do the juicing either.

As usual I had a blood test in May 2018, Tg tumor marker was climbing up a bit above 5 which is the limit here for RAI, if I recall, it was 18.8. Too much work in the office during winter and spring, I knew my health was not at it’s best. I was scheduled for radioactive iodine again for June. Declined it again and asked for 3 months (again) to work on my body. I had the next blood test and my first PET scan in the beginning of September.

Must go back in time again, now to 2014. Really difficult year in the office (actually hard times started in 2012, too much stress and super prolonged too) and I wanted to make a change for the better for my health, because I found out I had Grave’s disease, which is a typical autoimmune illness of leaders with an overactive thyroid. To sum this up and cut it short I wanted out to save my life. I have enrolled in a yoga teacher training course in Studio Yin Yoga & Pilates studio specialized in holistic body-mind training. The best decision I made in a long long time. New chance, new acquaintances, and a new friendship with Annukka Salonen, that I am ever so grateful for. The training was held by H3 Yoga’s founder Gabriel Azoulay who is one of the most knowledgeable and wonderful people I have ever met. My love for yoga deepened during the training a lot and I found my home among my new friends. Certainly so much positive experience has a curing effect on the body!

By this time my mom’s health was declining rapidly.

Through the friendship with Annukka I was introduced to new channel’s that helped me find my way back to health. Among other things, one day the founder and owner of The LifeCo was visiting Finland and gave a lecture on Health and what his Company stands for. At that time I was super interested about natural remedies for cancer because of my mother, so I was all ears when he was speaking and soaked in every word he said. Annukka and her husband Tero visited The LifeCo in Thailand before and she was recommending it greatly. There are different programs one can enroll on, from clean eating, to relaxation, detox, liver support, diabetes, fitness, mindful living. Everything I wanted to learn about.

Back to 2017. The first letter I have sent out asking for advice and recommendations on treatments was to Dr. Thomas Lodi in The LifeCo in Phuket. He scheduled a skype session with me, listened to every word I said, and shortly I received an offer for 3 to 6 weeks of natural treatments in The LifeCo, Phuket. Back in 2017 when everything was in the shock stage, I did not have the money to go, but decided to save up for a longer stay.

I have contacted him again in 2018, translated every medical document I’ve got till then (I was told there is no available english version of medical records here?) and was truly honest about my financial situation as well. He is an outstanding professional whom I have learnt to respect greatly and have learnt a lot from. He understands how our body works on the cellular level, and explains a lot to patients as well. He understands the link between body and soul, and I could go on for hours praising him.

I received a 3 week treatment package with a room in the main building at The LifeCo in Phuket. The treatments were exactly the kinds I was hoping for, the kinds I can not do on my own, and mostly, not here. So the decision was fast and firm, I had to get to Phuket in July 2018.

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  1. You are an amazing woman. And I am happy that I met you and support during your treatmeant at The LifeCo. I am looking g forward to see you soon. Much love

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