New beginnings

The Ninth Mindfulness Training: Truthful and Loving Speech Aware that words can create happiness or suffering, we are committed to learning to speak truthfully, lovingly and constructively. We will use only words that inspire joy, confidence and hope as well as promote reconciliation and peace in ourselves and among other people. We will speak and listen... Continue Reading →

Health update August, 2022

Hello everyone and first of all thank you for reading my blog again if you are a follower, and a warm welcome to all new readers. It’s an honor to provide information on holistic and integrative solutions to return to health. As many of you know by now I help everyone who gets in touch... Continue Reading →

Quantum healing experience

I think this subject might interest many people in general, not necessarily only cancer patients. Based on my first and so far only experience I can only say: I wish I attended the healing session years ago. I truly recommend it. Astrologically this year (2022) is said to be totally different energetically from the past... Continue Reading →

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