Health update August, 2022

Hello everyone and first of all thank you for reading my blog again if you are a follower, and a warm welcome to all new readers. It’s an honor to provide information on holistic and integrative solutions to return to health. As many of you know by now I help everyone who gets in touch with me and asks for guidance and advice, and I am really happy to connect for whatever the reason (health related) might be.

So a quick update on my latest blood tests after a year of not having any (first year without blood tests actually since 2017). All is well, tumor markers are down for Papillary Carcinoma, praise the Lord and a huge thanks to my integrative oncologist Dr. Thomas Lodi needless to say, who has been helping me and continues to guide me. As for Medullary Carcinoma the test results are not back yet, so I will add a short update later on with that information, but sincerely I feel I am simply in perfect health right now. An incredible feeling I must add.

I refer many of you who try to tackle this imbalance alone to Dr. Lodi simply because he is absolutely the best in his field. If anyone wants to connect with him, he can be found on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and of course through his website

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