Health update June of 2021

This has been a difficult year to everyone. The Pandemic hit hard and many of us lost loved ones. I have lost my father in January to Covid-19, his fragile body could not bounce back after Covid-19 was not detectable in his labs anymore. He would have been 86 years old this April. God bless his soul! This kind of trauma needs lot’s of loving support from family and friends, otherwise the weight of the trauma can have a negative effect on our stats (cancer patients’ lab results).

My Tg (Papillary carcinoma’s tumor marker) was shooting out of the roof around October, so I was sent to a PET scan in November. Found out I had a lymph node that looked suspicious in the right side of my neck. Had a meeting with an MTC specialist surgeon 31.12.2020 (such wonderful way to start New Year’s Eve!) in case the tumor was Medullary (my second type of cancer originally). That meeting ended up in a huge scare, I really did not want to go under the knife again (just had a brain tumor removed in 2019 October – perhaps will publish some blog post about that later) because any kind of surgery WE (cancer patients) have weakens us a lot – i.e. cancer has a better chance to spread/grow when the body’s immune system is compromised after surgery. I had a telephone meeting with my 4th oncologist (all of them pass me on when I refuse conventional RAI treatments) and I agreed to a fine needle biopsy to find out whether – if any – the thing that showed up during PET scan in my neck is PTC or MTC. Knowing that these kind of invasive biopsies are a huge risk (tumor can spread when punctured) again I was scared to death what might happen. So I could say that about 6 months was total horror, scared of my life, scared of Covid, stressed out because of remote working conditions (leading architects from home via Teams is really not how this profession must be conducted) and by December getting scared of what was happening with my dad. Too much trauma. But I started following Jane’s protocol (Jane McLelland/ How to starve cancer) as much as I could (still following) on top of all the other things I already incorporated in my life. The result of the biopsy was not conclusive (really did not understand that at all) the only thing they said firmly was that whatever is in my neck is not MTC. Great! So surgery was out (thank God!). The surgeon said that sometimes lymph nodes swell up, perhaps inflammation occurs in them, then they show up in PET scans like cancer!, but they tend to calm down with time. That’s what I was praying for.

With all the testing and Covid cases on the rise around February/March, I could not travel to Budapest for my dad’s funeral. Talking about continuous trauma, it seemed this period just did not want to end.

Anyhow, I kept my cool and focused on my regime with unlabeled drugs, diet, mind control, etc. Had new blood tests, the numbers were going down, but the onco rolled me in for RAI in April. Refused that once again, told her I just can’t go on treatments while working, let’s do it in July. She agreed, so I gained two and a half months to work my tumor markers below 5 again. If I could, they would leave me alone – again.

Before RAI, there is a 2 week period of iodine free diet for RAI to work. I was wondering, how come they don’t want to test me before this period? Nobody is interested about my true state of health before bombing my body with radioactive iodine? So I went for a test myself, and thank God my lab results are great! Tg is 4.6 which means I don’t need RAI at all!

So I called the clinic again and told them I am fine and not coming to RAI – again. Told them about my lab results and told them I feel they should have tested me before the protocol and I will test myself in the future if they will not.

All I want to say with this blog post is that our body has a God given mechanism to clean and repair itself. If we help ourselves, we can be healthy because that is the normal state of being, how we were created. I will not stop searching for new data in both medical journals and elsewhere and will use everything I possibly can to keep my body clean and my cells healthy.

Disclaimer: I am still just a person who is too afraid of conventional cancer treatments because of their side effects, and as long as oncologists do not inform us about ALL the possible side effects – short term AND long term – I will not have RAI. I was sent to a psychologist by my former oncologist to evaluate whether my refusal is because of some distress. The psychologist found (and wrote in his statement ) that I am very well informed, absolutely steady and just need to be in control of my everyday’s quality of life. So with God’s help, I am still on my way to health!

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  1. This brings me hope. I do t want to take my thyroid out and be on hormonal substitution the rest of my life. I’m 30.

    I too have been diagnosed with stage 3 medullary thyroid cancer. I did a lot of research and I finally found some who conquered this the natural way!

    I was beginning to think this was just too advanced to heal naturally and that I could do so much with diet supplements and just suffer the rest.

    I don’t feel so alone anymore. Thankyou for sharing your story. As it brings me strength today.

    Great is thy faithfulness oh God.

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