Raw broccoli turmeric soup

Raw soup day to fight off seasonal flu and alike viruses. The key is to have a balance of 20-80% between cooked and raw food to maintain health. Not just for cancer patients, everyone.

My not so secret recipe:
The liquid has a hot miso base with Umami seasoning and dulse flakes. Put the raw veggies into the miso based soup liquid. In a blender I add soaked cashews (15 pcs approx) chopped chili, turmeric, chopped garlic, a chopped bell pepper, hemp seeds and basil. Mix it with warm water until smooth. In a bowl I add one broccoli cut to small florets, super thin leek slices, small pieces of chopped red peppers, a few slices of button mushrooms optional (mushrooms should be heated up quickly in a frying pan without oil) and zucchini slices. Oh, I just love the crunchy bits in this soup! Pour the cashew-turmeric mix from the blender on top of the veggies and season to taste. Go light on salt if you are battling a disease please. Garnish with a dash of pumpkin seed oil or toasted sesame oil if you need extra calcium in your bones and some fresh basil or any fresh herbs you like. I love to sprinkle some paprika powder on top, sometimes hot, other times milder, sometimes smoked. Depends on the season. If needed, toast some tofu cubes in the oven, oil free with some sesame seeds (I prefer darker seeds if the tofu is white, or lighter seeds if the tofu is marinated and a bit darker) and toss on top. If you need to boost the soup with a carb like ingredient, I suggest to find konjac (Shirataki) noodles that are zero carb noodles and fill the belly lightly. This is honestly one of my favorite raw soups packed with nutrients 🙂 oh and super quick to prepare! Why not try it?

Raw broccoli turmeric soup

Would love to hear comments – let me know if you tried it, and how did it turn out?

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