Vegan colorful lunch

When it comes to cooking or preparing a raw dish I always aim at eating the rainbow. The more colors on my plate the more nutrients in my belly as it were. It’s always a joyous moment to serve a plate full of teasing and visibly pleasing items that are packed with all the goodness veggies have to offer.

Steamed sweet potatoes and beets mixed with raw garlic, red pepper, rucola, a little silken tofu, a tiny pinch of chili, water and Umami seasoning mixed in Vitamix until warm, but not piping hot. This way the 20-80 ratio of raw and cooked is approximately achieved. I garnished it with pumpkinseeds and a tiny dash of avocado oil.

To soups like this I like to add some cooked quinoa or amaranth or buckwheat or millet, especially if I don’t serve any fresh bread with it.

For the main course I made a nearly fully ketogenic alternative. Roasted cauliflower, smoked tofu cubes and chickpeas. This dish has some olive oil, but just enough to stop the cauliflower from burning. I sprinkled some black pepper and paprika on top and drizzled over a bit of lemon juice. The pepper-tomato sauce is from our local store, luckily we found a few jars without added sugar and the salt content is truly minimal as well. A simple yet filling dish.

The secret of loving healthy vegan raw and a bit cooked food lies in the never ending combination and huge variety of ingredients I can use each day. And to stay cancer free it is essential to keep with this way of life I am so in love with.

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