Morning routine

Key word: alkalize!!!

Freshly pressed juice made of organic cilantro, ginger, kale, lemon, curcuma (turmeric) and sea buckthorn.

The best way to start the day is to have a large glass of green juice and supplements. Though I am not on ketogenic diet, I still try to implement a few rules I have learnt from my nutritionist Donatas Ahinsa, to whom I owe a lot! I try to keep away from food for 14 to 18 hours nearly every day, better yet, have some days when I only drink detox juices. The weekends are best for these so call detox elimination days, it is easier to handle hunger than during working days. Water fast would be really beneficial too, but I find it really difficult to have only water when I am the one in our household who is usually preparing meals. I do love to create healthy meals for us, as it became one of passions and I am constantly trying to find healthier options for everything. So, morning starts with a green juice, and then continues with a long walk on the beach. Off we go!

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