Health update 21.07.2019

Well friends, I have been really busy at work, neglecting myself again. I keep my diet clean and try to walk as much as I can every day, but after a great start with yoga, there was simply no time for anything else but work for more than 8 months. I do not know of any other profession that requires full attention during 24/7, architecture on scale where we are operating is extremely time consuming and demanding. One mistake and the consequences are not only pricey but might trigger an avalanche effect on schedule and purchasing i.e. and add more costs that are not for individuals to carry. So, my last Tg count was up to 7.3 – should be under 5 according the general oncological guidelines. Thyroglobulin count is a way of measuring whether Papillary Carcinoma has reoccured somewhere in the body after thyroidectomy. I am a strange case for my oncos though, because I have not had RAI, so they did not burn every remaining thyroid tissue out of my body in order to have a starting value of zero for Tgyl after surgery. Sure, must be easier to class people by numbers, under 5 healthy, above 5 send them for more poison!, but my numbers jump back and forth between 18 to 2 depending when we take a blood test. So! I have got 2.5 months again to calm myself down, and work those numbers down. Stress is a killer as we all know it and I have a huge dose of that every day when I am not on holiday. Right now I am on holiday back in Budapest with my husband and our 2 small dogs, trying to calm nerves, swim a lot, pray often, count blessings, enjoy the sun and eat seasonal organic raw vegan food from the organic market ( I LOVE that place!) meet with friends and family, go to Prana Nadi and visit my kinesiologist while I am here. Still must fight off negative and hurtful people here, but I pray my August blood test will be good again!

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